Winnipeg Supply Tanker Model

Christopher M. DiogoNews

WINNIPEG – This very striking oversized model tanker truck is about 69 centimetres long and features a well-know local brand, Winnipeg Supply.

Miniature toys were produced mainly in the 1950’s by Otaco, a company founded in Orillia, Ontario which focused their efforts on manufacturing farm implements such as plows, spring-tooth harrows and the famous Autotrac to name a few.

In WWII, Otaco helped the war effort by producing rear wheel assemblies for the British twin-engine combat aircraft known as the de Havilland Mosquito.

Shortly after the war, Otaco suffered severe losses so it decided to keep the business going by infiltrating the booming baby market.

The late 40’s and early 50’s was the perfect time to start producing children’s toys and with that, mini-toys were born.

This collectible Winnipeg Supply fuel tanker model was professionally restored by Ken McGee’s Auto Literature in the US and sold on eBay just last month for almost $2000!

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