Winnipeg Transit Fare Increase Effective Today


WINNIPEG, MB. – Effective yesterday, January 1, the City of Winnipeg Transit and Handi-Transit fares increased for riders.

Full and Handi-Transit cash fares will now be $2.95. Reduced and Senior cash fares will be $2.45.

Winnipeg Transit Fare Increase Effective Today

The City said in a release that 2017 bus tickets (plus applicable cash difference) will be accepted until March 31, 2018.

The Reduced Fares, apply to Youths 6-16, High School Students 17-21 with a GoCard. The Senior Fares apply to people 65+, a Blue Card or transit ID is required.

You can find complete Transit fare information, including pass and ticket sales locations, just click here.

David Marshal, Manitoba Post

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