Winnipeg Watchdog, Marty Gold, Interviews Dean Koshelanyk

Marty GoldThe People's Voice

After one term as Trustee for Ward 9 in the Winnipeg School Division, Dean Koshelanyk is seeking to step up to City Council, in a seat where the incumbant is retiring. In this 15 minute podcast, he explains his basic platform running for election in Point Douglas: common sense.

As the oddly-shaped ward sprawls from the Selkrik Avenue and Main area through Tyndal Park towards the Maples – and an accompanying disparity in backgrounds, social and economic status – there are few issues that would seem likely to unite the voters.

A unique idea Koshelanyk has raised is the addition of 3-D tools to allow councilors to get a better sense of how proposed infrastructure projects might look good on paper but less practical at ground level. He is also pledging to get council to redress the severe lack of heated recreational facilities in the Keewatin side of the ward, which is far below the city average. The candidate also decribes how a violent robbery affected his own family this past summer.