Winpak of Winnipeg 1st to be Safe Work Certified

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WINNIPEG, MB. – Winpak has become the first plastic manufacturer in Manitoba to be SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe.

Ron Koslowsky, Vice President of Made Safe parent organization Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Manitoba, presented Chris Parker, Winpak Division’s Plant Manager with a plaque yesterday commemorating their certification at a ceremony in Winnipeg attended by manufacturing leaders, safety professionals and Winpak employees.

In celebration of this special and well-deserved achievement, Winpak Division provided each of its 760 employees with a celebratory t-shirt in recognition of their collective accomplishment.

“Certification is important because employees are an organization’s lifeblood. Our workers arriving home to their families safely after a day of work is our priority,” said Neal Curry, Made Safe Executive Director. “Not only has Winpak gone above and beyond fulfilling the requirements of the certification program, their safety culture and commitment to celebrating achievements together can serve as an example to the industry. I commend Winpak for their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.”

Said Winpak Division President James Holland, “the difference between a good and a great company is always the people element. A good company can have great technology but a great company is an organization with great technology AND great people driving it. Winpak is a great company. Our people are and always have been our most valuable resource in our pursuit of excellence and a safe work environment. We are proud of this accomplishment and thank Made Safe for recognizing our commitment to making Winpak Division a SAFE Work Certified facility.”

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) data shows that compared to industry averages, workplaces that implement a safety and health certification program experience 42 per cent lower injury rates and 49 per cent fewer work days taken for time-loss injuries.

SAFE Work Manitoba partners with industry-based safety associations in Manitoba’s largest sectors to support certification programs; delivered by and for industry.

“On behalf of SAFE Work Manitoba, I would like to congratulate Winpak for taking this important step towards safety leadership by achieving SAFE Work Certified. By doing so, you are demonstrating that a successful business is one that prioritizes the safety and health of its workforce,” said Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer, SAFE Work Manitoba.

Jill Knaggs for Manitoba Post

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