Work Underway to Create a Culture That Embraces Development

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – An action plan to address the recommendations of the 2019 Review of Planning, Zoning and Permitting was released Friday.

“We are committed to introducing legislation that will enable a regional approach to development and promote co-operation between area planning districts and municipalities,” Minister Squires said in a release. “We are excited to start with the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to begin development of a capital region growth plan that will deliver better infrastructure at lower cost and improve planning.”

Moving forward, the province will be reviewing and updating a number of acts, regulations and policy documents affecting permitting and approvals. Work is underway to establish service standards for all levels of permitting and zoning applications, and support the licensing process to make inspections more consistent across the province.

Improved efficiency of the permitting and inspection processes will enhance economic growth in the Province and reduce red tape. The overall goal is to establish a provincewide framework that outlines roles and responsibilities to help reduce duplication and unnecessary delays, the minister said. A clear, transparent, consistent and efficient framework will ensure due diligence and safety requirements are met, and create a culture that embraces development opportunities, she added.

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