World Teachers’ Day

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Each year, schools across Canada celebrate World Teachers’ Day on Oct. 5. For more than 6,500 Manitoba students – nearly 3,000 more than last year – the day is also a time to appreciate the parents and guardians who have chosen to teach their kids at home. No matter how or where they learn or teach, both students and parents are finding creative ways to say thank you to those preparing Manitoba’s children for the future.

1. Candy and Baking

Teachers love a tasty snack now and then as much as their pupils. If you like to bake and have some extra time on your hands, why not make a batch of cookies and throw in a message thanking your “sweet” teacher for making you a “smart cookie”?

2. Flowers

Our Manitoba gardening expert Bev R. Bee says although most flowers are done blooming in the province, reaching out to a local florist or garden centre, many of whom make deliveries and have other gift ideas in stock, is a great way to brighten your teacher’s day. If you have an indoor potted plant, they make a nice gift, too. Again, there’s an opportunity for fun with puns – since you couldn’t have picked a better teacher to help you grow.

3. Gift Cards

A teacher can only use so many mugs, but you can never get too many gift cards, so you may consider give your teacher one along with a small gift and a heartfelt note.

4. School Supplies

Students aren’t the only ones at school who can always make use of stationary and writing supplies. Along with any of these gifts, you may want to throw in something your teacher might need throughout the year. Here’s a message you may want to write on a gifted notebook: “Take note, I think you’re a great teacher.”

5. A Simple Note or Thank You Card

Teachers put a lot of time and effort into caring for the children they’re entrusted with. One of the best ways to ensure they know how much we appreciate them is by writing them a simple message, signing a thank you card, or making a card from scratch. They’re sure to treasure these special cards and notes for many years.

6. Make Something from Scratch

Most of these gift ideas can be handmade – and that just makes them extra special. Not only will you be proud to share what you worked hard to create, your teacher will appreciate your thoughtfulness. An idea: Decorate a pen holder. It’s both useful and simple to make (possibly with adult supervision). Starting with a plain old pen holder or cleaned-up tin can, attach crayons all the way around the side with hot glue. Before your teacher fills it with pencils, you may want to fill it with chocolate bars – or highlighters.

In a statement released this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked teachers and educators in Canada for caring about the greater good in the life-changing work they do every day. “As a former teacher myself,” Trudeau says, “I understand the dedication of teachers to their work, and the investments and sacrifices they make for their students.”

As school staff see a lot of change and take on extra responsibility these days, let’s appreciate our hard-working teachers all throughout the year. This week though, let’s try to go the extra kilometre to let them know how much we care.