Yes Campaign Launches GoFundMe Page

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – The Portage and Main battle between Yes and No is about to heat up.

A Coalition to open Portage and Main officially launched a GoFundMe campaign Wednesday, with a goal of $100,000, at time of writing it was just over $3,000.

The Coalition says this is an initial fundraising target. The money which will go to pay for advertising, rallies, signage and other communications efforts for the campaign.

Those interested in making a donation can visit their campaign page here

The coalition released a video, which can be found on the GoFundMe page, they believe highlights the many benefits to reopening the intersection to pedestrians.

The group also has a website –

The plebiscite on reopening Portage and Main will be on the ballot for the municipal election October 24th, 2018.

The Coalition for Portage and Main is a community group made up of volunteers – individuals, businesses and organizations – who believe that reopening the intersection to pedestrians.