Yes – Every Woman Should Have Her Own Will


WINNIPEG, MB. – Making a will is a sensible and worthwhile task that everybody, whatever their age or financial status should do. However, there are five special reasons why women need to make a will of their own.

Women usually live longer than their husbands. It’s a good idea for each of you to have your own will when you’re both alive. After the death of one spouse, changing circumstances may mean you want to write a new will, but having a will in the first place is an important step.

Planning for children or other dependents is something that women usually want to pay special attention to.

Taxes and legal concerns — especially if there was a previous marriage or other dependents — should be looked at.

Many women will want to make special arrangements for the distribution of family heirlooms, jewelry, items of historical or sentimental value, and their own property.

Continuing the support for groups and organizations that many women generously support during their lifetimes may be a consideration in preparation of a will. For individuals who feel they cannot afford to make a large donation to a cause they support during their lifetime, a bequest in a will can be a good way to make a lasting contribution.

If you do not have a will, now is the time to prepare one. While it does not need to be a complicated document, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer or trust company to help you. The peace of mind that comes from ensuring there are no small mistakes or omissions that can cause difficulties in the future is well worth the cost of such services.

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