65 New Ambulances Arrive in Manitoba

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – 65 new replacement ambulances have been purchased to help modernize the province’s fleet, ensure paramedic safety and improve patient comfort.

The ambulances represent about one third of the province’s fleet and cost $10 million. New ambulances feature enhanced lighting, additional working space for paramedics to have better movement and access to patients and increased secure storage compartments for medical equipment.

“Paramedics provide professional, quality care to Manitobans in pre-hospital, community, and inter-hospital settings. For our staff, that means when caring for patients, their workplace is often on-board an ambulance, making the safety and comfort of that vehicle an important priority,” said Helen Clark, chief operating officer, emergency response services, Shared Health.

Through a partnership with Heart & Stroke, all new ambulances will help raise awareness of the signs of stroke and the importance of acting quickly by displaying FAST decals on their back windows.