7,000 New Jobs Are Forecasted For Winnipeg in 2018


WINNIPEG, MB – Winnipeg’s economy expanded by 3.7 per cent in 2017 and is forecasted to add 7,000 jobs in 2018 according to the Conference Board of Canada.

This past week the Conference Board released their 2018 outlook for 13 major Canadian cities, you can find that here.

Highlights in the report for Winnipeg was the economy expanded by 3.7 which is the highest rate in almost 20 years.

Winnipeg is also forecasted to create over 7,000 jobs in 2018, with its economic growth slowing to 2.2 per cent. That growth rate is generally in line with the forecasted rates for other Prairie cities.

“It’s good to see the story of wider Canadian economic success over the past year reflected in Winnipeg,” says Loren Remillard, President & CEO of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, whose organization will host the final State of the City Address Friday before Winnipeggers head to the polls. “How we channel the benefits of that good year as a business community is critical, especially as we plan for more moderate years ahead in a province coping with debt.”

The population of Winnipeg is expected to grow by over 50,000 people in the next five years according to the Conference Board.

With files from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

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