Compilation Of Ghosts Caught On Tape, Maybe


ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Have these security cameras actually captured proof of ghosts? We want you to be the judge.

Here is a look at 5 pieces of, what may be, ghostly CCTV footage.

A man is filming an airport runway, but when he glances down at the road his camera catches something off-putting which immediately disappears. The creepy thing triggers the CCTV camera to spin around and focus on the window where the figure appeared.

Second, you will see CCTV footage filmed at Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar in October 2013. It shows a women finishing a meal and getting up to pay. The moment she leaves, something weird happens at her table.

Dover Castle in Kent, England is reportedly haunted by several ghosts. Workers and security guards often report disembodied screams coming from the castle ramparts. The halls are said to be haunted by a headless drummer boy who was brutally murdered many centuries ago.

This footage was taken in August 2009 at one of the gates to the castle and shows a dark figure floating across the screen before it disappears.

Owner of Carlisle Castle Hotel in Newtown, Sydney Australia, Peter Bradbury noticed strange things happening around the bar, such as glasses smashing, wine falling off shelves, and decided to review the security camera footage and was left for words!

A security camera in one Malaysian hotel has captured something terrifying. The first camera shows an armchair sliding on its own then a door violently slamming shut. The footage then cuts to a woman sitting alone in a room who is up for a big surprise.

You be the judge.

Source: Chilling Compilation Of Ghosts Caught On Tape Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine by SlappedHam on Rumble

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