Halloween Safety Tips

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – As Manitobans build candy slides and chutes to get ready for Saturday, the Winnipeg Police
Service is sharing a few other ways in which families can stay safe while going door to door. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, trick-or-treating will look and feel a little different, but priority number one as the kids have fun is reducing risk – and the
department outlines several areas to look out for.

COVID-19 Safety:

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– Avoid going indoors

– Wash or sanitize your hands as often as you can

– Have fun with masking up – Make it a part of your costume

– If anyone in the household isn’t feeling well, they should stay home.

– Stay in smaller groups with adult accompaniment

– If you meet another group, stay 2 metres apart

Costume Safety:

– Don’t wear floppy hats or wigs that could slip over your eyes

– Wear warm, bright, reflective clothing and comfortable shoes

– Try face paint instead of costume masks that can obstruct vision

– Avoid long or baggy costumes, or material around your legs and feet, to avoid tripping

– Avoid toy weapons, but, if it’s important for the costume, opt for foamy or flexible swords
instead of rigid ones.

Walking Safely:

– Parents and guardians should come up with what route to take beforehand

– Stay on sidewalks

– Stay within the area you know

– Bring flashlights and keep alert

– If you’re driving, slow down and watch for children

– If a home doesn’t have their outside lights on, avoid it

General Safety Tips:

– Never get into a stranger’s car

– The only reason to talk to strangers is to ask for a treat

– If you’re giving candy out, keep the lights on for your driveway and/or porch

– Never enter someone’s home – Stay on the sidewalk or porch when asking for treats

– Encourage your children to trust their instincts. They should also know their home phone
number in case they need it.

– Inspect all candy, fruit, and other treats before it’s eaten, throwing out anything that’s
suspicious, unsafe, or isn’t wrapped properly. Contact police (Non-emergency: 204-986-6222) if you have questions about any treats that are suspicious. If in doubt, throw it out