Judge Says Police Officer who Fatally Shot a Man With Machete was Justified


WINNIPEG — A Manitoba provincial court judge has ruled that the fatal police shooting of a man wielding a machete in public was a justified use of force.

In an inquest report, Judge Sandra Chapman says Eric Daniels ignored police warnings to drop his weapon and charged directly at one officer before being shot.

Daniels died at the age of 28 on March 6, 2010.

The inquest was told Daniels was intoxicated and had earlier used his machete to rob a liquor store and threaten a passenger on a transit bus.

Later, Daniels confronted a family on a residential street and police were called.

The inquest report says two officers in uniform gave repeated warnings to Daniels to drop the machete, but he charged at one and was shot three times.

“Despite those commands, Mr. Daniels did not drop the machete and in fact quickly advanced towards the police officers, ignoring their command, with the machete raised above his head,” the report released Tuesday says.

“Mr. Daniels’s very unfortunate demise was caused wholly as a result of Mr. Daniels’s actions. The officers had no option but to fire their weapons as they did.”

The inquest heard from a toxicologist who testified Daniels had a high level of alcohol in his system. There was also surveillance footage of the liquor store robbery and of the confrontation on the transit bus.

Inquests in Manitoba are mandatory when someone dies from the use of force by police.

The Canadian Press

Judge Says a Winnipeg Police Officer who Fatally Shot a Man With Machete was Justified