Manitoba legislature Resumed With Focus

Laura ManningNews

WINNIPEG, MB – The third session of the 41st Manitoba legislature resumed yesterday and the Manitoba government focused on several key legislative measures to fix the province’s finances, improve services that Manitobans depend on and rebuild the economy during the upcoming session, government house leader Cliff Cullen said in a news release.

“Our government is committed to strengthening and sustaining our province’s future, and our legislative agenda is focused on that goal. We are addressing the financial problems our government inherited and improving services for all Manitobans,” Cullen said.

Debate will continue on legislative measures introduced in the fall that focused on safe and responsible retailing of cannabis, modernizing government and providing more accountability on public sector compensation, fostering economic growth through implementation of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, and establishing measures to create Canada’s most comprehensive watershed legislation, Cullen noted.

On March 12, another key highlight of the upcoming session will be the introduction of the provincial budget.

“We are working to create a stable foundation for Manitoba’s success and the upcoming legislative session will prove that our government is on the right track to ensuring Manitoba is the most improved province in the country,” said Cullen.

In addition, the government will unveil a robust new legislative agenda that will continue to implement the changes Manitobans voted for, Cullen added. Legislation to be introduced in the coming weeks includes proposed new measures to improve supports for the child welfare system, reforms to reduce red tape, new actions to improve safety on Manitoba highways, and implementation of the made-in-Manitoba Green Plan.

With files from Government of Manitoba

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