Manitoba Weather For The Week

Manitoba PostNews

WINNIPEG, MB – We are expecting colder temperatures and a little snow across Manitoba as the week progresses.

Winnipeg will have mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow with a high of plus two, Wednesday there is a 60% chance of snow and then the temperatures start dropping with a high of minus seven on Friday.

Pretty much the same forecast for Brandon as in Winnipeg, however a little cooler on Friday reaching a high of only minus eight. Snow is likely on Wednesday.

Thompson will have sunshine all week now snow forecasted, however the temperatures start dropping on Tuesday with a high of minus eight, minus 16 on Thursday.

A little warmer at the beginning of the week in Winkler with the high reaching plus 4 on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday look good with highs near minus 3, but Friday it does dip down to minus 7.

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