Masks Mandatory In Schools

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – The province has unveiled the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System. It’s a new online tool that connects Manitobans with the best possible COVID-19 information. Premier Brian Pallister also announced mandatory masks at schools for grades four to 12 when kids go back to class on September 8th.

“Keeping Manitobans safe is our government’s top priority in these uncertain times,” said Pallister. “Equipping Manitobans with the information they need to stay safe while restarting our economy will help ensure we are better prepared to navigate through the COVID challenges ahead. That is what our new Pandemic Response System is designed to do.”

This new system uses four color-coded response levels…

• (red) critical – community spread of COVID-19 is not contained and/or there are significant strains on the health-care system;
• (orange) restricted – community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring, public health measures are being taken to manage the negative impact on human health and/or the health system;
• (yellow) caution – community transmission of COVID-19 is at low levels; and
• (green) limited risk – the spread of COVID-19 is broadly contained and a vaccine and/or effective treatment is available.

Our current response level is yellow or caution.