RCMP Rescue Mama and Her Pups

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WINNIPEG, MB – A mama dog and her pups were rescued by members of the Lynn Lake RCMP detachment.

Lynn Lake RCMP were made aware, on February 7th, by members of the community that some dogs were locked up in a house in Black Sturgeon Falls First Nation, and that the owner had been gone for several weeks. When police got to the home they found a mother dog and her five puppies had been locked up. Sadly, two of the puppies had died.

Police took the time to carefully burying the two deceased puppies, they then took the mother dog and the two live puppies back to their offices, where they were provided with food and water. Police later learned that a fifth puppy had been rescued by someone in the community, but that puppy also died.

In a news release RCMP said, at this point in the investigation, it is believed that the dogs were left in the house in a dark bedroom for approximately three weeks. They had no access to food or water. All the dogs contracted a bacterial skin infection.

Cst. Lindsay Evans of the Lynn Lake RCMP took the dogs home with her and gave them a bath. Due to the mother dog’s starvation, she was unable to produce enough milk for her puppies, so Cst. Evans made sure they all received the food and milk they needed. The following day, the dogs were taken by RCMP to Northern Manitoba Paws in Need in Thompson.

“The conditions these dogs survived in were pretty horrific,” said Sgt. Kyle McFadyen, Lynn Lake RCMP Detachment Commander. “When we first opened the door, I wasn’t sure what we were going to find. I’m glad we got there in time to save some of them. For a dog who had obviously not received much care and affection, the mother dog was friendly with us when we got there – almost like she knew we were there to help.”

The Province of Manitoba Chief Veterinary Office is assisting RCMP with this ongoing investigation.

RCMP are asking anyone with information to call Lynn Lake RCMP at 204-356-8862 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

Photos supplied by Manitoba RCMP