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WINNIPEG, MB. – Manitoba Post is proud to be 100% independent, locally owned and operated. Our mission is to be your choice for the news that you can trust, that provides honest and accurate information and information that starts conversations.

We want to engage Manitobans, entice you to become involved or to speak your mind. You have a voice in this province and we are your platform.

We’re starting a new feature, Manitoba Soap Box. Each week we will publish comments from our Facebook page on stories that generated a lot of comments and feedback. Maybe, it will spark more conversation, or even lead us to a different story that demands covering.

We read the comments daily and your thoughts and opinions are important to us. It’s also not unusual for story leads to come from online conversations.

Please remember: The comments and opinions are those of our readers and not of Manitoba Post.

Let’s start the very first Manitoba Soap Box. The first story is from Thursday Jan 5 titled City Projects Financial Surplus . We asked, “what would you do with the extra money?”

NOTE – Spelling has not been changed, inappropriate words have been masked, and not all comments were used. You can visit us on Facebook to read all the comments and to leave a comment of your own.

  • Ingrid Henke surplus?? Then why did transit go up? And why are we sooo seriously in debt?
  • Lea Parsons Put it towards transit instead of expecting more from the government. After all it’s called Winnipeg Transit not Manitoba transit.
  • Richard Milne Invest in better law makers so police can actually help and do something other then handing out traffic tickets. It would nice to see all these garage, car and home break ins stop. It would be nice to see something happen with all the retail theft. It would be nice to see criminals that affect the everyday working class actually punished.
  • Alex Jackson Transit, housing, addiction rehab
  • Lyle Arnott It’s not a surplus if you have debt get real

The story that generated the most comments was in fact an opinion piece our Dorothy Dobbie did titled, OPINION – Time to Change the Conversation in Manitoba. It ignited much conversation on Facebook.

NOTE – Spelling has not been changed, inappropriate words have been masked, and not all comments were used. You can visit us on Facebook to read all the comments and to leave a comment of your own.

  • Roger Joseph Laurence – When he starts caring about healthcare and the students and abiding by Union contracts, maybe then, maybe…..
  • Doreen Punton Not the guy that is picking Manitoba apart . Not a chance
  • Alex Jackson Flu cases spiking after health care cuts. But no biggie, just spending money rehiring staff that had been laid off? No one in government predicted the annual flu season? That happens every year?
  • Michelle Mikki Hmm, will he support me as I sit here…laid off nurse. New wrha website confusing and has almost no jobs posted. Applying for non nursing jobs now……..
  • Robert Hanson Maybe they should trim the fat from their managers first before they go after nurses and lower paid employees. I’m all for trying to watch spending but his way is not the right way.
  • William W M Murdoch Just wait people, he hasn’t even started destroying public education yet.
  • Allen Clearsky Now that’s dumb
  • Cindy Norman Dear Dorthey Dotard. The provinces took over the EI training from the feds years ago. There is money from my employment insurance premiums to provide training in industries that require people. I$!&*s like you and Pallister have no plan and are unable to see past your own noses. I think it is past time that the federal government take back control of the EI training fund.
  • Linda St Cyr-Saric PC’ s supporting each other as usual. He never did and will never get my support.
  • James Jenson If voters cared about Manitoba Palister wouldn’t of been elected and previous governments wouldn’t have been allowed to have done what they did wrong.
  • Roger Joseph Laurence Just look what the pcs did years ago they got rid of 900 nurses idiots, hes another trump cutting where he shouldn’t and giving companies the big breaks, who can work from Porto Rico and get away with it , and not wanting to disclose assets sound familiar
  • Stanley Kapoofniack If he is pissing off the union princesses & prom Queens, he has my vote. Whiny assed b!$&!$es should develope some stones or a backbone & quit if their job is so bad instead of taking out their grievances on the public. Anybody ask the MGEU how much union dues it has spent on advertising?
  • Lucienne Loiselle We need to support Wab Kinew
  • Spencer Aldwinckle go to a doctor for gosh sake – quite plugging up emergency rooms
  • Stefan Francois Most of these patients in the waiting rooms are there cause they’re a bunch of babies. I have a cold i think im dying from it. Get a life.
  • Chris Pochinko God forbid we have a real emergency with massive casualties. The few emergency wards open could never handle it if they can’t handle the flu.
  • Jonathan Cullen This person the article is just s!#$*d. health care is a provincial responsibility if the Premier is not up to the task he should just step down and let somebody competent take his place.

Manitoba Post believes it’s vitally important to have open discussions on issues that Manitobans feel are important. Please continue to be a voice on our Facebook pages and we will continue to work diligently every day to be your source for accurate and honest information.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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