Regional Health Authorities Appoint New Board Members

Manitoba GovernmentNews

The province has made appointments to the boards of five regional health authorities, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

“The health system relies on boards to guide the safety and quality of care that is available in communities across the province,” said Friesen. “I want to thank outgoing board members for their service and wish these appointees all the best as they take on these important roles.”

The boards of regional health authorities are responsible for directing the management and affairs of the region to ensure the delivery and administration of health services. Appointments include:

Northern Regional Health Authority

  • Cal Huntley (Flin Flon): reappointment as chair;
  • Carrie Atkinson (The Pas): reappointment as vice-chair;
  • Anne Kenny Thompson (Lynn Lake): reappointment as a member; and
  • Elaine Kobelka (The Pas): reappointment as a member.
  • Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

  • Margaret Mills (Pinawa): reappointment as chair;
  • Oral Johnston (O’Hanly): reappointment as vice-chair;
  • Judy Dunn (Dugald): reappointment as a member;
  • Brian Magnusson (Winnipeg Beach): reappointment as a member;
  • Amanda Stevenson (Lundar): reappointment as a member;
  • Ruth Ann Furgala (Riverton): reappointment as a member;
  • Laurie Andrews (East St. Paul): appointment as a member; and
  • Judith Cameron (Gimli): appointment as a member.
  • Southern Health-Santé Sud

  • Abram Bergen (Kleefeld): reappointment as chair;
  • Patricia Brennan (Oak Bluff): reappointment as a member;
  • Ramona Coey (Lorette): reappointment as a member;
  • Debbi Bergner-Fortier (Letellier): appointment as a member; and
  • William Osachuk (Gardenton): appointment as a member.
  • Prairie Mountain Regional Health Authority

  • Mark Frison (Brandon): appointment as vice-chair;
  • Gwendolyn Drul (Oakburn): reappointment as a member;
  • Sandra Berry (Russell): appointment as a member; and
  • Wade Schott (Roblin): appointment as a member.
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

  • Wayne McWhirter (Winnipeg): appointment as vice-chair;
  • Vera Houle (Winnipeg): appointment as the Seven Oaks Hospital representative;
  • Jennifer Moncrieff (Winnipeg): appointment as a member;
  • Kiran Kumedan (Winnipeg): reappointment as a member;
  • Donald Lepp (Gonor): reappointment as a member;
  • Dr. Judith Scanlan (Winnipeg): reappointment as a member; and
  • Shannon Stefanson (Winnipeg): reappointment as a member.