Straight Talk With Brown & Klein

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WINNIPEG, MB – When Manitoba Post was introduced, we wanted to be a source for news, sports, arts and opinions without having any agenda.

We wanted to create a place where discussions could take place, questions asked, opinions shared and voices heard.

Today is the first edition of Straight Talk with Brown and Klein. Two people talking about the issues we face in Manitoba. There is no agenda, no favouring a political party, just a discussion about what we feel could benefit our province.

Brown is an entrepreneur building a video company on the compelling stories of Manitobans. Recovering political operative and broadcast journalist with a overdeveloped sense of right and wrong. Dedicated to ideas over ideology and determined to live vicariously through myself.

Klein is Publisher and CEO of Manitoba Post. The former publisher and CEO of the Winnipeg Sun, has spent several years in Canadian media working in newspapers, radio and television. Proud and grateful to call Winnipeg home and an advocate for Domestic Violence.

If you have an opinion on something that’s impacting people anywhere in Manitoba, write about, do a video or recording and send it to Your Op Ed must be signed, we will can not accept any pieces without verification of the author.