Temporary Ban on Open Fires

Manitoba PostNews

WINNIPEG – We have seen a number of grass fires in and around Winnipeg the last seven days keeping our Fire Department extremly busy.

The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service reminds people of the temporary ban on issuing open-air burn permits in order to prevent the accidental spread of fire, as per The City of Winnipeg – Fire Prevention By-Law No. 150/2004.

This ban will be lifted as soon as environmental conditions improve.

Winnipeg Fire also reminds people that fires within approved outdoor receptacles on public or private property are not permitted when the wind speed exceeds 25 km/h.

The rules regarding fires within approved outdoor receptacles are set out in The City of Winnipeg – Neighbourhood Liveability By-law 1/2008, part 6.

For more information on open-air burn permits, please see: Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service – Open Air Fires.