Winnipeg Musician Left Mother on The Floor to Die


WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg court is hearing that a local musician left his 89−year−old mother covered in her own feces and urine, lying on the floor of the home they shared for several weeks until she died.

A sentencing hearing is underway for Ron Siwicki who pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing death in January.

The charge carries a maximum life sentence but Crown prosecutor Alanna Littman is asking for 35 months behind bars.

She says Siwicki’s mother, Elizabeth, was callously left on the floor to suffer and die alone.

His mother had dementia and was unable to get up after falling out of bed in November 2014.

Court has heard she told her son that she didn’t want medical treatment.

While she was on the floor for days, Siwicki gave her an energy drink but didn’t move her or ask anyone for help. He called police after his mother died and officers described finding her naked on the floor, covered in bed sores and a blanket.

The Canadian Press